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Collaboration and Teacher Knowledge in a Teacher Learning Community: Case of Mathematics Teachers in Kwazulu-Natal Province
Zulu, F.Q.B.; Bertram, C
The enactment of the neoliberal citizen: evidence from a case study in Bogota, Colombia
Guerrero Faría, María Lucía
Not a panacea, but vital for improvement? Leadership development programmes in South African schools
Kirori, Maureen; Dickinson, David
Learning design for multiple modes of provision: the Zambian community school teacher development programme
Amory, Alan; Bialobrzeska, Maryla; Welch, Tessa
Understanding educational inequality in Hong Kong: secondary school segregation in changing institutional contexts
Lam, Beatrice Oi-yeung; Byun, Soo-yong; Lee, Moosung
The sweeping incrementalism of Partnership Schools For Liberia
Cameron, Ewan
Public-Private Partnership Project Risk Management in Education Industry
Meng, Jinglei; Xiu, Guoyi; Qian, Fan
On the absent ground of transnational partnerships in education: A post-foundational intervention
Knutsson, Benjamin; Lindberg, Jonas
Dual Education in Regions of Russia: Models, Best Practices, Growth Prospects
Dudyrev, F.; Romanova, O.; Shabalin, A.
Building an ex-ante simulation model for estimating the capacity impact, benefit incidence, and cost effectiveness of child care subsidies in Turkey
Aran, Meltem A.; Munoz-Boudet, Ana Maria; Aktakke, Nazli