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Community-based teacher professional development in remote areas in Indonesia
Harjanto, I.; Lie, A.; Wihardini, D.; Pryor, L.; Wilson, M.
Building an ex-ante simulation model for estimating the capacity impact, benefit incidence, and cost effectiveness of child care subsidies in Turkey
Aran, Meltem A.; Munoz-Boudet, Ana Maria; Aktakke, Nazli
From Government to Governance: Teach for India and New Networks of Reform in School Education
Subramanian, V.K.
Demand rationalities in contexts of poverty: Do the Poor respond to market incentives in the same way?
Bonal, X.; Zancajo, A.
The effectiveness and equity of public-private partnerships in education: A quasi-experimental evaluation of 17 countries
Baum, D.R.
School voucher funding system of post-Soviet Georgia: From lack of funding to lack of deliverables
Gorgadze, Natia; Tabatadze, Shalva
Regulating market entry of low-cost private schools in Sub-Saharan Africa: Towards a theory of private education regulation
Baum, D.R.; Cooper, R.; Lusk-Stover, O.
Partnerships and the Good-Governance Agenda: Improving Service Delivery Through State–NGO Collaborations
Bano, M.
Private school vouchers for expanding secondary school access? The case of Tanzania
Baum, D.R.; Cilliers, J.
Dual Education in Regions of Russia: Models, Best Practices, Growth Prospects
Dudyrev, F.; Romanova, O.; Shabalin, A.